The future in our hands

The challenge we set threw ourselves and the wider world over 10 years ago by establishing Centro Storico Lebowski is that of collective ownership: the Club belongs to its supporters; there are no middlemen.

A radical alternative to the football we are used to, where passion and love are instead always threatened by the whims and changing fortunes of bosses, sponsors, and markets.

This model gives us total freedom, as well as the certainty that whatever happens on the pitch is the product not of what others have decided, but only of what we have put into the Club, with that added touch of magic and unpredictability that makes us love the game.

However, this model also implies great responsibility: everyone must give a little, both in financial terms and in terms of effort, to ensure that the machine continues to work, and that no-one is forced to give too much.

First of all, the Club’s players and staff have accepted a drastic cut in their reimbursements, showing great regard for our project and allowing us to put together a sustainable budget.

And through the 800×100 fundraising campaign we have identified a clear target that will allow us to meet our budget: 80,000 euro..

If we want to continue practicing football with the same freedom and without giving up anything in terms of quality and results, we need that amount through direct memberships in order to take on the football season.

In other words, the future really is only in our hands. Simple and hard at the same time.

The principle behind the “800×100” fundraising campaign comes down to mathematics: if each member contributes € 100, we will reach the amount that will allow us to take on the football season.

This amount is enough for us not to give up any of the activities that are currently offered by the Club: Men’s and Women’s First Teams, Men’s U21, 5-a-side, Men’s and Women’s amateur league teams, and a football school with over 150 children.

It’s the minimum amount that will allow us to survive, reducing the budget to the essential. With € 100 each, we can be sure that our favourite Club will never cease to exist.