for the FANS, by the FANS


The future in our hands

When we established Centro Storico Lebowski, 12 years ago, we challenged the world with one key idea: collective ownership. Our Club belongs to its fans and supporters – we don’t need any middlemen.

This model is a radical alternative to the kind of football we are instead used to, where passion and love are forever at the mercy of the whims and changing fortunes of bosses, sponsors, and markets.

Our model, by contrast, gives us both freedom and the knowledge that whatever happens on the pitch is the product not of decisions made by others, but of our own efforts – and of the magic and unpredictability that make football the sport we love.

However, this model also implies a great deal of responsibility: everyone must be ready to give a little, both in financial terms and in terms of effort, to ensure that the machine continues to run, and that no-one is forced to give too much.

Each year, with the funds raised by our members, we are able to improve the running of a long list of teams and activities: our men’s and women’s first teams, our men’s U21 team, our 5-a-side team, the men’s and women’s amateur teams, and a football school that teaches the beautiful game to more than 150 young boys and girls.

Additionally, in the coming season we have a new extraordinary challenge in front of us: for the first time ever Lebowski will play in a national league, thanks to the feat of our women’s team that won the championship securing access to the Serie C! This great accomplishment, which still gives us chills, also encompasses a great responsibility: we want to tackle this league in our own way, to continue “being Lebowski” even in such an ambitiuos category, and therefore the direct contribution from our members becomes even more important.

And if as many of us as possible are each able to give €100 every year, we can rest assured that our favourite club will never stop existing, and in fact will continue growing.

The future truly is only in our own hands. Centro Storico Lebowski is the vision of a club “by the fans, for the fans”, whose purpose is to transform the hopes and dreams of those who love football into a reality.


All members who own at least one CS Lebowski Sports Cooperative share (€25) are entitled to receive the club newsletter and to take part in the club’s monthly assemblies, contributing directly to the most important decisions for the future of the club.  Assemblies are held in person, but are also livestreamed for members who are not based in Florence.

All members who take part in the club’s annual fundraising campaign, titled “for the FANS, by the FANS”, for 2022/2023, will be able to:

  • Sign their children up for the CSL “Francesco Bollo Orlando” football school;
  • Play in the CSL amateur league teams (Men’s and Women’s);
  • Access a reserved link to watch livestreams of the Men’s Promozione matches;
  • Buy select merchandising products at a reduced price.