for the FANS, by the FANS

The future in our hands

But ultimately, what makes Lebowski so special and how does it truly set itself apart from other teams?

Federico Buffa, who participated in one of our videos, also made the same point: this team has no masters.

As a result, the supporters have both a great privilege and a huge responsibility: that of being the owners of their favourite team. This also means that the more resources we find within our own club, the fewer concessions to the outside world we will have to make.

Surely, there is also another distinction: here, the players’ sole job is to joy their fans. And it may happen that they’ll make a t-shirt dedicated to the fans rather than vice versa.
By making an annual contribution of 100 euros, you help to keep the Lebowski alive, with all its activities from the football academy to the first teams. This year, you will also receive this exclusive t-shirt, which represents our uniqueness and pride.

You have three options for subscribing to the contribution:

  • You can pay it in person during home games
  • You can visit our secretariat’s office at La Trave from 5pm to 7pm, from Monday to Thursday
  • You can pay it online by following the instructions in the first comment’s link.


All members who own at least one CS Lebowski Sports Cooperative share (€25) are entitled to receive the club newsletter and to take part in the club’s monthly assemblies, contributing directly to the most important decisions for the future of the club.  Assemblies are held in person, but are also livestreamed for members who are not based in Florence.

ll members who take part in the club’s annual fundraising campaign, titled “for the FANS, by the FANS”, for 2023/2024, will be able to:

  • Sign their children up for the CSL “Francesco Bollo Orlando” football school;
  • Play in the CSL amateur league teams (Men’s and Women’s);
  • Access a reserved link to watch livestreams of the Men’s Promozione matches;
  • Buy select merchandising products at a reduced price.
  • Free gift of a special t-shirt made by the players

If you already are a CSL member, you can contribute €100 to the campaign (remember to add your name even if you are paying from a different account).


By clicking on the red button you become a member of the “for the FANS, by the FANS” campaign. You purchase a share of the CS Lebowski sports cooperative (for the value of €25) and contribute to the special entry fee of €75 to the campaign, thus acquiring the possibility of accessing all the reserved benefits. (remember to enter the name of any child attending the football school and his/her year of birth). If you want to become a member without joining the campaign, follow the BECOME A MEMBER link


If you are not a CSL member, you can still contribute to supporting the club with a free donation.